Portrait or Personal Image - Cyn  Valentine

With just one look her images pull you in and you can hear the story or you are immediately transported to a time and place of sweet rememberance. I first discovered Cyn’s work when I was searching for images for the Beautiful South Carolina Group. That’s when I found “Remember That Summer” and was touched and immediately hooked on Cyn’s works. I hope she comes back to South Carolina again to visit us. Clearly, I’m not the only one who loves her works as she is an accomplished professional who has had exhibits at:

Pintura Fine Art Gallery Scottsdale Az for 3 years
The Fine Arts Gallery Ogden Utah for 3 years
Wolf Creek Resort..Eden Utah for 1 year
Art Strolls..25th Street Ogden Utah for.3 years
Ducks Unlimited..Ogden Utah Chapter

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